Freelance translator or translation company…which is better for you?

Importance of Translation Services

There are thousands of people looking for translators and translation companies to translate their documents for the purpose of travelling, residence, immigration or submission to governmental authorities for completing their official transactions. So, the translation process is very important and the client should look for a good translation company or skilful freelance translator to ensure that the documents will be translated accurately as any mistake may result in loss of time, opportunity or money.
In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with a freelance translator and a translation company for translating your personal and business documents. We will provide you with some tips for choosing your translation provider that best suits your circumstances and fulfils your needs and requirements. At the outset, all options are good but the matter depends on several factors such as text technicality, quality expectations, time constraints and the money that you can spend.

Advantages of hiring a freelance translator

  • The rate of the freelance translator is cheaper than the rate of a translation company
    You deal directly with the translator who works on your project
  • A freelance translator works for himself and exerts every effort to be better and keep up an image and brand in order to gain trust and satisfaction of his clients.
  • Freelancer is ready to negotiate about rate and deadline, especially if you are a new client
  • Freelancer must be a native speaker specialized in certain field such as legal or medical translation.
  • You feel more flexibility in dealing with a freelance translator as he can work anytime anywhere and accepts any notes.

Disadvantages of hiring a freelance translator

  • You have to look for freelance translator yourself and this process takes more time. It is highly risky process and you may fall in trouble if you dealt with unqualified translator.
  • The freelance translator cannot provide various and additional services that may be provided by professional companies such as DTP and proofreading.
  • The freelance translator is not specialized in all fields of translation, which means that he cannot accept a translation project or job out of his field of specification.
  • One translator takes a lot of time in big projects that can be quickly handled by a specialized team of translators in a translation company.
  • For freelancers, the translation process is one step only, but the translation companies do the translation in many steps such as translation, revision and proofreading, each step is done by a different translator.

Advantages of hiring a translation company

  • Translation companies can find a good and specialized translator who meets your needs and requirements without exerting more effort or time.
  • Translation company can deliver complex and big projects in record time because it has a group of translators.
  • Translation company has a team of skilful translators who have deep knowledge and experience in several and different fields, so can handle projects that involve several specifications.
  • Translation company can provide additional and supplementary services such as translation, subtitling, transcription, editing, revision, transcreation, typing and proofreading, unlike a freelance translator.
  • If you need to translate your project or document into multiple languages, a translation company is your best option as an individual freelancer is usually specialized in one or two languages only.

Disadvantages of hiring translation companies

  • The translation rate of translation companies is higher than freelancers, so it is not affordable for most people
  • The company has strict working hours and can not be reached outside such hours.
    You can not contact the translator of your project directly for any consultancy or notes.

In conclusion, determining the best option for you whether translation company or freelance translator depends on your time and quality expectations, type and volume of your projects, the technicality of your document and your financial situation if you are ready to pay more to receive the value of translation company. Hope we provided you with all the points and tips that help you choose your translation company in Dubai.